WIP – Blessed

Last year I started a sketch with a girl that I called “Blessed”. I looked through my abandoned works in progress when I finished my last painting and something about this really made me want to finish it. I have now settled on a background and somewhat of a colorscheme. I have started to paint and color it all in.


Painting - Painting Process - WIP

WIP – Watchtower, part 2

I have had some time to work on textures and details of my latest painting today. I think I am close to done now. I will have to work a bit more on the bridge and the tower, and maybe play with the colors some, but otherwise I am pretty happy with it.

What do you think? Got any tips or thoughts for me?


Painting - Painting Process - WIP

WIP – Watchtower, Part 1

I have started yet another work in progress. I know I have been bad at finishing things lately, but I think this one will work out better,

I have started detailing the background and the waterfalls.


Painting - Painting Process - WIP

WIP – Danger of the Night, part 1

I am letting the sunset painting rest a bit, to get a feeling of what I want to do with it. Instead I have started another character painting. I am trying to incorporate a lot more character details, and some landscape into it. She is supposed to be a thief and an assasin, the danger of the night. It is still in the sketch stage, but I have a good feeling about it.


Painting - Painting Process - WIP

WIP – Sunset, part 2

Here is the second part of my newest landscape painting. It is starting to pull together, but I think I will try to add something to add a bit more interest to it.


Painting - Painting Process - WIP

WIP – Sunset, part 1

I started a new painting today. For now I am calling it “Sunset”, but I will try to come up with a more creative title.


Painting - Painting Process - WIP

Writing on an iPad

More than a month ago I bought a clip-on bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. It is small, and protects the screen of the iPad when I am not using it. The keys are a bit small, but I was soon used to write on it. What is so good about this keyboard is that it lets me bring the iPad which is very thin and light, so that I can write wherever I go, especially on the tram. Right now my tram ride is 15 minutes each way, and that means that I can write about 1000 words every day I ride the tram.

The keyboard is called iZound and only cost me 250 SEK. This has really been a favorite thing of mine lately.





Here is a small exerpt from what I wrote today, it is still from my novel that I call “Eyes Like Ice” that I started for my NaNoWriMo 2012.

“All right, you don’t have to pull me!” Symilla exclaimed angrily, pulling her arm from Evelinna’s grip and turning to close the door behind her. “I don’t know when you got so bossy, but it would serve you well to remember that there are those who are your betters,” she continued, starting to stalk after Evelinna.
The words hurt her. She should be used to that kind of talk, but hearing them from the first magia to treat her like a worthy human, the first one to encorage her to learn how to read, how to do magic, was devastating. Evelinna pressed down her feelings, she had better things to do than to wallow in self pity. She didn’t talk to the old woman as they walked along towards the ward of the tainted.

WIP - Writing