WIP – Erase me

It’s been more than one and a half year since I painted, but now I’ve done it. It is just a sketch that took less than an hour, but hopefully a start of something new.

Painting- Painting Process- Sketching- WIP

WIP – Enchantress

Working on a new portrait. Starting in black and white to get all the values correct. Will probably start on colors tomorrow.


Painting- Painting Process- WIP

WIP – Faery Rogue, part 4

I got a really good critique and paintover from kyena which was a huge help when finishing the under-painting.


I then started to add color to the painting. I still have a lot of detailing to do, especially on the grass in the foreground, but I think this is coming along nicely.


Painting- Painting Process- WIP

WIP – The Rift, Part 4

I finally had the time to work on this landscape painting again. It was time to add the city, some light details and make adjustments to colors and contrast. I am thinking this painting is almost finished, so next week I will post the result along with a timelaps video of the process.


Painting- Painting Process- WIP