WIP, The World Behind Me, part 3

In two more sittings I have now finished the base black and white painting. The next step will be to start adding color.

theWorldBehindMe4 theWorldBehindMe5

Painting - Painting Process - WIP

WIP – The World Behind Me, part 2

Today I got the time to continue my latest painting. I am working on detailing the background, still in black and white, to get the values correct. I incorporated some photos for texture in the mountains. Those photos where turned to black and white and then the opacity was turned down. They were then painted over  to get a better structure on the mountains.

I then decided to move the figure and one of the mountains to get more contrast around the face of the girl.


Painting - Painting Process - WIP

WIP – The World Behind Me

I am finally painting again. As I haven’t painted in a long while I choose to start something entirely new. I might return to “Fire in my Heart” sometime, but right now it is a figure painting with a spectacular landscape that is my goal.

I started with a black and white underpainting to get the values good. Then I started detailing the figure further. Next step will be enlarging the painting and starting to detail the background, before I start to color.




Painting - Painting Process - WIP

WIP – Fire in my Heart, part 2

I made some progress on my latest painting. I tried to define the figure a bit more, and made her smaller to be able to fit some more of her body to make sure it was clear how she is posed.


Painting - Painting Process - WIP

WIP – Fire in my Heart, part 1

Started a new painting today. This one hasn’t been planned much, it is just a feeling I am trying to catch. We will see how that turns out but I like it so far.

I have blocked in major colors and made a loose sketch.


Painting - Painting Process - WIP

WIP – Whisper in my Ear, part 5

Some more work on refining the figures and fixing the light and shadows on them. I am coming up on the final stretch of work on details now I think, if I don’t get any critique or find anything that is severely wrong with the figures. We will see if I have the time to finish this before NaNoWriMo begins in two days though, and during November I think I will be spending most of my time writing.

Painting - Painting Process - WIP

WIP – Whisper in my Ear, part 4

Some more work on my painting “Whisper in my Ear”. I have moved the wings a bit to make them connect to the demon girl better. Then I started refining her face and worked some on his face as well. I have a lot of work done on both of their faces and bodies though.

Painting - Painting Process - WIP

WIP – Whisper in my Ear, part 3

I have now worked a bit more on my latest WIP, really hoping that I will be able to finish it before November and NaNoWriMo. I have added some elements, like the moon, embers, wings and tail. I also moved the large light (the moon) to the other side of the couple, to give better contrast, as per suggestion from my friend Nellie. In this picture I have mirrored the image to be able to spot mistakes more easily. I also have some trouble right now with my monitor calibration and the ability to get the really dark colors correct.

Painting - Painting Process - WIP

The Path I Walk

I have done another landscape, another mountain one, based on a reference photo taken by my father when hiking in the Italian mountains. I wanted to share the steps I have saved here with you. The final version can be found at: http://fav.me/d5ilvhi

Painting - Painting Process