WIP – Time is Mine, part 2

I decided to change the name of the painting I previously called “Nymph” to “Time is Mine”. I have filled in almost all of the background with a first layer of texture and color, now I have started working more on the figure. I will refine him some more, and then detail the background one more round. After that I will go over him again, detailing and cleaning up.


Painting - Painting Process - WIP

WIP – Nymph, Part 1

I have started a new painting again. It has been pointed out that I have very few guys as models in my paintings. I decided to rectify this, and wanted to combine it with trying a more golden color-scheme, which I haven’t done that much, and I also wanted to be a bit more daring and do something a bit sexier.

As before I started with a sketch in black and white, but I haven’t been really happy with the depth of color in my paintings, so I started working in color very soon in the process. Now I have started to work on the details of the background.


Painting - Painting Process - WIP

Board-Gaming Convention LinCon

This weekend I was visiting the board-gaming convention LinCon in the city of Linköping, Sweden. I was there to sell prints and various merchandise with my art.

The convention was very successful, and I had a very good time, meeting a lot of nice and cool people. I have gathered a few photos from the convention that I want to share with you.


The first day of sales I sat at a table next to some nice people selling jewelry and hats.





The next day I moved to a table where we got screens to put up prints behind us. Now I sat with the other artists. I also choose to put my smaller prints on the table, and I think that made me sell more of them, because they were more visible.


I slept in a classroom with seven other people, including my husband. We have just bought a new air mattress, and I slept almost as good as I do at home.


There aren’t usually a lot of cos-playing at Swedish board-gaming convention, but at this one there was a super-cool space marine, and I just have to share a picture.




Convention - Painting

Off to a Board-Gaming Convention

Tomorrow evening I will go to the Swedish city of Linköping to participate in the board-gaming convention LinCon. I will be there in the capacity of an artist, to sell prints, framed prints and bookmarks of my work. The evenings of this week and the weekend has been filled with preparations of prints and presentation.

When I get back I will try to post some pictures and a report of what happened and how it all went.

Convention - Painting

WIP – Above the World – Part 2

I started by detailing the far background mountains, and to work a bit more on the values of the mountain and castle. I also decided to make the clouds a bit more dramatic and prominent.


Painting - Painting Process - WIP

WIP – Above the World – Part 1

I started a new landscape painting, as I find it very calming to paint them.

This one became a castle distant from the world, on top of a high mountain. I have realized that I really like mountain landscapes, they look so majestic, there is something magical about them.

As usually of late I chose to start the painting in black and white, to get the values correct.


Painting - Painting Process - WIP

Painting Process – Secret Places

I made another landscape that I wanted to finish before the boardgame convention GothCon. Unfortunately I didn’t finish it in time to order prints, but here it is.

I have recorded three different steps in this painting. Two in black and white and then the finished one.






“It is a rare thing when you find those special places, those that you instinctively know carry a sort of magic, but you also know that if you move in the slightest, or let your regular world in, that magic will be gone in an instant.”



The final image can be found at: http://fav.me/d5zgpt3

Finished - Painting - Painting Process