Sketching Fan Art

For the past weeks I have started to practice sketching. I have chosen to create fan art  as subjects because it is fun, and I think it is something I can sell at conventions. I am hoping to improve my drawing technique doing this. I haven’t really tried to draw in many years and I am a bit rusty.

black_widow buffy edward_scissorhands sam spike

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WIP – Out of the Ashes, part 4

I started detailing the painting with the hands. I am trying to keep it a bit looser and more painterly than I usually do. I am also trying to get the golden light from the bird.


Painting - Painting Process - WIP

Finished Painting – Tree of Lost Souls


Following the moonlit river the lanterns light the way of the lost souls…
Done as a live demonstration at the gaming convention LinCon in Linköping, Sweden.
Made in Photoshop with my Wacom Intous 4.

Finished - Finished Painting - Painting

WIP – Out of the Ashes, part 2

The second step of this painting was to add black and white values, to map out the scale of contrast I wanted.outOfTheAshes2

Painting - Painting Process - WIP

WIP – Out of the Ashes, part 1

I have started something new.

Last summer I went out camping in the woods with some people from work, and while we were making hamburgers in a camp fire we found this baby bird on the ground. We saw its sibling get eaten by a seagull, and we know that you shouldn’t touch baby-birds that can’t fly, but it was either that or let it get eaten, so one of the other girls picked the bird up and I took a photo. That photo became the inspiration for this image of a baby Phoenix.


Painting - Painting Process - WIP

Blessed – Finished

I have now finished my latest portrait.



The land was warm and welcoming. Her heart swelled with love and she knew that she was home. She was home, she was loved and blessed.

Done in Photoshop with a Wacom Intous 4.

Finished - Finished Painting - Painting - Painting Process

WIP – Blessed

Last year I started a sketch with a girl that I called “Blessed”. I looked through my abandoned works in progress when I finished my last painting and something about this really made me want to finish it. I have now settled on a background and somewhat of a colorscheme. I have started to paint and color it all in.


Painting - Painting Process - WIP