Finished Painting – Explorer

During the gaming convention LinCon I painted a new landscape painting to demonstrate how I paint digitally.

This is an airship that is exploring an unknown piece of land.


Finished - Finished Painting - Painting

Finished Painting – MTG Spirit Token

I have now finished a new painting, another token for Magic the Gathering.

This time it is a spirit token.

spiritI will try to put together a video where I talk about how I worked with this one next week. I have saved some steps of the process.


Finished - Finished Painting - Painting

Soft as a Kiss – Finished Painting

I have painted something new for the Gaming Convention LinCon that will be in Linköping the weekend after next. Sometimes it is fun and relaxing to just paint something cute and sweet, and this was just it.


Finished Painting - Painting

Magic the Gathering Tokens

At my latest convention I was asked to create a goblin token for Magic the Gathering. I did, and now I have painted another one that is a monk. I will print both in a limited edition of 100, and there will be more tokens to come.

goblin monk_ui

Convention - Finished - Finished Painting - Painting

Northern Home – Finished Painting

I wanted to paint stars again. And as the winter didn’t have much snow where I live this year I wanted to pay tribute to really cold, snowy winters in the north. This is the result.


Finished - Finished Painting - Painting

WIP – The Rift, Part 4

I finally had the time to work on this landscape painting again. It was time to add the city, some light details and make adjustments to colors and contrast. I am thinking this painting is almost finished, so next week I will post the result along with a timelaps video of the process.


Painting - Painting Process - WIP

WIP – The Rift, Part 3

I decided to change the perspective a bit, to make this painting more intense. I have worked on that and on the floating rocks today. Next step is to start putting in the city again.


Painting - Painting Process - WIP

WIP – The rift, Part 2

Part 2, started coloring, and added details to the mountains and the ground. Next will be the waterfalls and adding in the city again. I got a very good critique regarding this painting, and one of the points were that the city weren’t realistic, so I have gathered a lot of reference of cities and castles.


Painting - Painting Process - WIP