Heartbreak, the Remake of Moonlight Sorrow

Deviantart had the competition “Draw this again” recently and I decided to join it with the one painting I have gotten the most praise for. I painted “Moonlight Sorrow” in 2004, and it was the first really good digital painting I did. As I painted I explored a lot in technique and I worked very closely off of a reference of a friend. I have gotten praise for her expression and how much emotion was in that painting. I know that I have developed a lot technically since then, but somehow I have had trouble catching that magic of conveying emotion as good as that again.

Because of this it scared me to try to remake this painting, but I felt that I had to try. My technique has changed a lot since then so I knew that it wouldn’t be the same as the original, but I would try to capture that emotion.

The end result doesn’t convey exactly the same emotion as the original, but it is difficult to capture an emotion I put on “paper” eight years ago, when I was 18. This is the emotion I wanted to convey now and might even be closer to what I originally wanted to show back then as well. The look is also a lot different, as I work in a different way now. A lot of people have said that they like the new one, but that they prefer the old one for some reason. I know that the old one looks more realistic in some ways, almost like a photograph. That is because I followed my photo reference very closely, and worked in a way that I don’t do anymore. I spent over 40 hours on the original, and I don’t want to spend that long to get that effect now, so I aim for another look. I am pleased with the result but can agree that some emotion might have been lost in the process.

I guess that I have to give up this quest, and just accept that I will never relive the same magic from this image, but instead hope to create some new magic, and learn new stuff in the future.

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Painting Stars and Mountains, Update

I finished my landscape with the starry sky more than a week ago, but after some on-point feedback from my brother I decided to touch up some points of it again.

He told me I needed to add more of a focus point, and that the foreground wasn’t even as detailed as the sky. I decided to add a building to the valley and to darken the foreground for better contrast and to Not make the detail level too low. The image can also be found at:¬†http://fav.me/d5h2m5b;

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