Finished Painting – Tree of Lost Souls


Following the moonlit river the lanterns light the way of the lost souls…
Done as a live demonstration at the gaming convention LinCon in Linköping, Sweden.
Made in Photoshop with my Wacom Intous 4.

Finished- Finished Painting- Painting

Blessed – Finished

I have now finished my latest portrait.



The land was warm and welcoming. Her heart swelled with love and she knew that she was home. She was home, she was loved and blessed.

Done in Photoshop with a Wacom Intous 4.

Finished- Finished Painting- Painting- Painting Process

Watchtower – Finished

All along the edges of the realm of magic, the realm of greatness and passion, there are towers. These watchtowers once overlooked the peace and freedom of the realm, but now they aren’t needed. They stand and go to waste, crumbling under the pressure of time.


Finished- Finished Painting- Painting- Painting Process

My First Real Piece of Graphics

I have created a piece of graphics to adorn the windows of the Innovation Lab at work. It follows the graphical guidelines of my company Cybercom, but it adds a sense of innovation and creativity.

Innovation Lab

Finished- Finished Graphics- Graphics

Morning Magic


Across the waters there lies a magic town, one that can only be seen on certain mornings, when the light is just right.

Made in Photoshop with a Wacom Intous 4

Finished- Finished Painting- Painting

Painting Process – Secret Places

I made another landscape that I wanted to finish before the boardgame convention GothCon. Unfortunately I didn’t finish it in time to order prints, but here it is.

I have recorded three different steps in this painting. Two in black and white and then the finished one.






“It is a rare thing when you find those special places, those that you instinctively know carry a sort of magic, but you also know that if you move in the slightest, or let your regular world in, that magic will be gone in an instant.”



The final image can be found at:

Finished- Painting- Painting Process

Whisper in my Ear – Finished

I have finished the painting “Whisper in my Ear”.

“You are in my mind,
you are stuck,
clawing your way in,
whisper in my ear…”

Whisper In My Ear

Finished piece can be found on deviantart:

Finished- Finished Painting- Painting- Painting Process