Painting Stars and Mountains, Update

I finished my landscape with the starry sky more than a week ago, but after some on-point feedback from my brother I decided to touch up some points of it again.

He told me I needed to add more of a focus point, and that the foreground wasn’t even as detailed as the sky. I decided to add a building to the valley and to darken the foreground for better contrast and to Not make the detail level too low. The image can also be found at:;

Finished- Finished Painting- Painting- Painting Process

WIP – Whisper in my Ear, part 2

I have continued working, refining and detailing a bit. I have mostly worked on the guy, trying to get his face and abs right. I have never gotten abs correct when I have tried to paint them, it is difficult to not define them too much, making the stomach look a bit too much like hard plastic protruding far. I did go over the darkest shadows I put in with a lighter gray, making them a bit softer.

I started to work on the face of the girl as well, tweaking it a bit to try to make it work in this angle.

Painting- Painting Process- WIP

WIP – Whisper in my Ear

I have started a new work in progress that I call “Whisper in my Ear”. I am going to try to document my work progress here.

I knew the kind of pose I wanted from the beginning, so I made my husband help me with taking reference photos. After that I did a rough sketch and tried out a couple of different values for it. I used four different values for the sketches; black, white and two values of grey, one dark and one lighter. I liked the first one best and so I did a very quick color sketch for it.




After that I found some more references for some more muscular guys and some different male faces, as I don’t paint guys that often. I refined my sketch a bit and started to detail the values a bit more. I will continue to work in black and white for a while longer to really define my values with a bit more refinement and detail.


Painting- Painting Process- WIP

Timeline and Improvement

A couple of years apart I try to do a timeline with four paintings/drawings for every year I have been doing art more seriously. I also put in some reflections for every year about my improvements.

Last I did one was 2009, and as I felt a bit insecure about my art I decided to update the timeline to see my improvement. I realized that I have in fact gotten better, even though I am not sure if I have improved that much since last year. I do hope that the next time I do one of these I will be even more improved.

For a full-size look go to my deviantart page.


Trying to Paint Stars

In about a month the convention BSK “Borås spelkonvent” (Gaming convention of Borås) will be. Borås is the city where I was born, and it is only one hour travel from Gothenburg. I am trying to get some more paintings done before this convention, and I find it to be a good motivator. I have now started working on a landscape again, as those seem to be popular on the conventions. I wanted to try my hands at a mountain landscape again, as I like the mystery of mountains. I also wanted to do one with night time, and as I haven’t really ever painted a truly gorgeous starfield I decided that I wanted to include that.

After doing my initial sketch I started out with the stars. I found a great tutorial and I had some cool references, but it still wasn’t easy, I had to do some trial and error before I got a result that I was happy with. I have now moved on to the mountains, and tomorrow I will get to the city lights and the river, hopefully finishing.

Here is the progress I have gotten so far:

I am a bit worried about it being a little bit left heavy at this point, but I hope that it will turn out fine.



Long time, no see

It has been a while since I posted last. I have tried to focus more on writing my novel, as I have promissed my brother to have a beta version ready for him to read this summer. Tonight I had an urge to paint however, so I continued on one I had started last time I painted.

I decided to change the setting a bit to give a better sence of perspective and to give it a tighter, darker feel.




I have started a new painting while letting that mountain landscape sit for a while. This one I have tried to focus on lighting and contrast as usual, but also on details, character and shilouette. I also tried to make a bit of a forshortened perspective, from slightly below, but I am not sure of how well I have succeded in this.



More Landscape Painting

Over the last few weeks I have done some more landscape painting, trying to find some good ways to doing them. I have worked with colors, lighting and contrasts.

Here are the two latest landscapes, with the last one maybe not really finished.



To find some more new paintings you can go to


Painting Landscapes

Sinze easter last year when I saw the landscape paintings of a friend again and being very inspired I have tried to put some work into my landscapes. This one is very loosely based on a picture taken by my father in the Italian mountains. I have added the waterfalls and reworked everything, especially the color. I want to experiment with colors and especially lights.

This isn’t finished at all, I will work more on details, and a bit more with the colors, I think. If you have more suggestions just tell me and I will try to work on what isn’t working right now.


Magica Website Design

Now I have started on the website design for the Magica magic company.