Day Eighteen of NaNoWriMo

I had a goal to reach 35000 words this weekend. The real goal to keep on schedule is 30000 words, but I felt that it would be good to try to create a bit of a buffer.

Yesterday I could keep my goal of 5000 words to reach 30000, but today I haven’t had the inspiration to write at all. I did push myself to write at least a bit, so I was able to reach 31500 words. Even though it wasn’t really what I wanted, I still managed to write some today.

“They are closing off the Freeze,” the man whose arm she held told her, after looking from her to Symilla and back again. “Yesterday more and more people became tainted and as that is the part of town that has been affected it is going into quarantine.” Evelinna felt like a hand was squeezing her heart. Her sister was in there! As the man continued speaking she almost didn’t hear what he said. “The only other place there are tainted is in the locked ward here, but they haven’t seemed to spread the taint from there. The routines will of course be much stricter, but we will keep them there.”
“I have to go there, I have to get her,” Evelinna said, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed.

NaNoWriMo - WIP - Writing

Day Sixteen of NaNoWriMo

I have noticed that I can write a chapter of 2500 words in an evening, without much trouble, if I just have two hours to spare. I feel that it is good to actually do my writing chapter for chapter, that way I really finish something and doesn’t have to pick up in the middle of the action the next day. I can also figure out more of the details of the next chapter to write on the tram and bus on my way to and from work. The trouble this week has been that I have been very busy last weekend and the first three days of the week, not getting that many chances to write. Saturday I did a chapter but Sunday I only did a thousand words. Monday I had more time again, being able to finish that chapter. Tuesday I had no time or energy to write, and Wednesday I could only do a thousand words again. Now I have written a chapter a day for two days, and I am up to where I should have been yesterday. I think I can do good progress this weekend and maybe even get a bit ahead, but we will have to see.

As I work I have also started to figure out a good process. As I said I plan a chapter at a time, looking at my outline. When deciding what should happen in a chapter from the one or two sentence description in my outline I try to focus on what my goals are for the chapter. I want to plant plot information usually, and maybe have some action happen. Then I focus on what the conflict for the viewpoint character should be for that chapter to add interest. Today I chose to actually put the scenes for two chapters together as one of them didn’t have enough conflict to stand on its own. I moved that scene into a flashback in the middle of the action of the second scene, hopefully adding tension as the reader is wondering what will happen with the action.

As she squatted in some kind of filth, smelling just like the privy  squeezed tight between two stone walls that were seeping cold straight through her woolen coat she regretted not listening more closely to him. This was definitely the sort of situation she wouldn’t have been in if she had thought trough her actions a bit more. She could see glimpses of the dark figures, just waiting now. They had moved one to each side of the narrow street she was facing, just waiting. The woman was moving closer, Issy couldn’t see her from this angle, but she could hear her frightened breathing. What was that woman doing out here all by her self, in the middle of the night?


NaNoWriMo - WIP - Writing

Day Nine of NaNoWriMo

>Today I discovered why you should do backups. I am using a writing program called yWriter, a great program when you are writing a novel, it keeps track of characters, places and items, and you can easily divide your work into scenes and chapters, that can be rearranged. This program does however advice against using the file directly in Dropbox. I am stupid and did so anyway, as it seemed convenient, and as I did so last year, without any trouble. Today when I opened the file however I was greeted by an error message. After clicking it away and entering my project all my work since day one was gone. My heart almost stopped.

I was able to recover the work, during a bit of work with Dropbox, but now I have decided that I should probably back up every day, and not work directly towards Dropbox.

In my work yesterday I decided to change the chapter I had intended to write, as it was a bit boring. I added some more conflict to the character and it worked so much better. That did however mean that I had to change the chapter I wrote today drastically, as it involved the changed character. I think that I was able to make it even better than what I intended in my outline, by using the reason for the chapter being there and adding the conflict of the character to the chapter. Now I will have to look over the outline again to see if these changes should lead to anymore changes in the following chapters.

I have now written 15812 words, and the goal for today is 15000, so I am a bit ahead.

A part from todays work:

“What are you doing?” he asked her angrily.
“I was going to apply a spell to help with the healing,” she said, feeling a bit hurt. Nobody had reacted that way when she tried to help them before.
“You are a magia?” he asked her, a horrified expression on his face. “But you are nagio, how can you…” He didn’t finish his sentence, but he took a step away from her.
She frowned. “You just need a bit of exiatus blood to be able to do it,” she explained. “I discovered it myself, they didn’t want to admit it at first.”
Instead of looking impressed like all other nagio did he looked at her in disgust. “How can you do that foul thing?” he asked her.
“How is it foul?” she asked him. “I help people.”
He just looked at her. “You know nothing,” he said, and now he sounded sad.
“I am still a student, but I am learning so much,” she said.
“And yet you do not understand.” He sighed, looking away from her. “Is it far?”

NaNoWriMo - WIP - Writing

Day Eight of NaNoWriMo

It is now day eight of NaNoWriMo, and I am finally caught up to the word count for today. I thought I would get it yesterday, but I was too tired and gave up after a 1000 words. Now things are starting to flow a bit better, and I have written at least one scene from each of my five main characters viewpoint. I am also starting to get a hang of the third person limited viewpoint, that I haven’t written a novel in before. Here is a small excerpt from what I have written today:

“She can’t be in that place right now, there is evil loose in that city, more evil than before, I have to get her back.”
“Are you sure she isn’t happier there?”
“She will die if she stays in the city,” he said bitterly. He couldn’t lose her and his son as well, he wouldn’t survive if he did, and if he was gone his people would all dissappear, move to the city and forget all about their ways.
“How do you know?” Tari asked, and now she sounded scared.
“I just do,” he answered.


NaNoWriMo - WIP - Writing

Day Six of NaNoWriMo

This year is the third year I’m participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). That is a month where people across the globe try to write a novel of at least 50 000 words. I have been able to finish the two previous years, and I hope to do so this year as well. I start every year with going to a gaming convention the first weekend of November, so I always get behind on words. This year November the first was on a Thursday, which meant I only had one day to get a buffer of words, followed by three days of not writing. It is now day six, and I am almost caught up, I am only 1000 words behind.

Tomorrow I will go to a writing group meeting, and then I will hopefully be able to catch up.

This year I am writing a fantasy Horror Novel, even though I can’t stand reading or watching horror, as I get too scared. I think I hope that I won’t scare myself, but maybe it would be a proof of good writing if I do. I won’t go into details of the novel here, but I will try to post some snippets of my writing in this blog from time to time during November, just to share what I am working on, remember that I during November have the goal to get the story down, so everything that I post will be unpolished and rough. The day’s passage will be this:

“Darkness crept in at the edges of her vision, but she frantically scrambled to move her arms, to find some way to get free of this. She had to live, she head to. Her lungs were aching, she had to take a breath, and soon, but she couldn’t. The weight of the man on top of her still pressed her arms to her sides, and his fingers pressing down on her throat were hard as stone, unrelenting.”

NaNoWriMo - WIP - Writing

WIP – Whisper in my Ear, part 5

Some more work on refining the figures and fixing the light and shadows on them. I am coming up on the final stretch of work on details now I think, if I don’t get any critique or find anything that is severely wrong with the figures. We will see if I have the time to finish this before NaNoWriMo begins in two days though, and during November I think I will be spending most of my time writing.

Painting - Painting Process - WIP

WIP – Whisper in my Ear, part 4

Some more work on my painting “Whisper in my Ear”. I have moved the wings a bit to make them connect to the demon girl better. Then I started refining her face and worked some on his face as well. I have a lot of work done on both of their faces and bodies though.

Painting - Painting Process - WIP

WIP – Whisper in my Ear, part 3

I have now worked a bit more on my latest WIP, really hoping that I will be able to finish it before November and NaNoWriMo. I have added some elements, like the moon, embers, wings and tail. I also moved the large light (the moon) to the other side of the couple, to give better contrast, as per suggestion from my friend Nellie. In this picture I have mirrored the image to be able to spot mistakes more easily. I also have some trouble right now with my monitor calibration and the ability to get the really dark colors correct.

Painting - Painting Process - WIP

The Path I Walk

I have done another landscape, another mountain one, based on a reference photo taken by my father when hiking in the Italian mountains. I wanted to share the steps I have saved here with you. The final version can be found at:

Painting - Painting Process

Heartbreak, the Remake of Moonlight Sorrow

Deviantart had the competition “Draw this again” recently and I decided to join it with the one painting I have gotten the most praise for. I painted “Moonlight Sorrow” in 2004, and it was the first really good digital painting I did. As I painted I explored a lot in technique and I worked very closely off of a reference of a friend. I have gotten praise for her expression and how much emotion was in that painting. I know that I have developed a lot technically since then, but somehow I have had trouble catching that magic of conveying emotion as good as that again.

Because of this it scared me to try to remake this painting, but I felt that I had to try. My technique has changed a lot since then so I knew that it wouldn’t be the same as the original, but I would try to capture that emotion.

The end result doesn’t convey exactly the same emotion as the original, but it is difficult to capture an emotion I put on “paper” eight years ago, when I was 18. This is the emotion I wanted to convey now and might even be closer to what I originally wanted to show back then as well. The look is also a lot different, as I work in a different way now. A lot of people have said that they like the new one, but that they prefer the old one for some reason. I know that the old one looks more realistic in some ways, almost like a photograph. That is because I followed my photo reference very closely, and worked in a way that I don’t do anymore. I spent over 40 hours on the original, and I don’t want to spend that long to get that effect now, so I aim for another look. I am pleased with the result but can agree that some emotion might have been lost in the process.

I guess that I have to give up this quest, and just accept that I will never relive the same magic from this image, but instead hope to create some new magic, and learn new stuff in the future.

Finished - Finished Painting - Painting