The art and illustration of Elin Lindberg


Elin paints mostly digitally in Photoshop with a Wacom Intous tablet. All of her paintings and illustrations have a fantastic element in them. She paints everything from landscapes to characters, creatures and portraits. A selection of Elin’s paintings are displayed here, to show a range of what she does. To find more of Elin’s paintings look in the category Finished Painting in the blog. More paintings can be found at Elin’s deviantart.


Elin Lindberg is a fantasy artist and illustrator. She is also a writer and does graphics. This is however just a hobby for Elin, her day-job is as a software developer of apps and websites and interaction designer. Her passion for computers and creativity comes together in her art, that is almost exclusively created on the computer. When painting Elin uses Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Intous 4 painting tablet. She relies a lot on photo references but adds that sense of fantasy that she loves to everything she paints.

Elin has a vivid imagination, which she expresses in her art, but also in her writing. She has nothing published as of yet, but is currently working on her second novel. For her art and her writing she finds inspiration in movies, tv-series, art, and most of all books. Elin loves to read, mostly fantasy of different kinds.

Elin is 32 years old and lives with her husband and cats Morr and Lava in an apartment in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.


Elin also dabbles in creating graphics and designs of different kinds. She has done logos, graphical profiles and designs for prints on clothes and items.


A shop with prints and merchandise with Elin’s art and graphics as motifes can be found at Redbubble.